The French government has decided to welcome the COP 21, a new climate conference in Paris. However, such a decision contrasts with its results in terms of environment protection.While France has had to face terrorist attacks, mass unemployment and desperately increasing suicides for a few years, public authorities devote their time to the organization of a meeting which could take place in a more prosperous country.

Yet, that kind of initiative could reveal how much France is involved into the protection of nature. The situation there is exactly the contrary; several facts uncover that, above all in Paris, the environment conference site.

Then, in 2015, pollution in the French capital reached a new record. For the first time, Paris inhabitants intend to use masks every day so as to breathe normally.Travel buses, whenever the tourists they carry visit the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum, drive in the streets of Paris and pollute the city instead of remaining stationary.

Why? Because it is less expensive!

Ironically, people who made those decisioqns and belong to the same side of French political spectrum are, explicitly or not, supported by ecologist parties.

As a matter of fact, French public debt is so huge that leaders are compelled to find money everywhere. They will not, of course, reduce their privileges: One French citizen out of 100 is politically elected, compared to one out of 2000 in the United Kingdom, for instance.

What is the backlash? France never stops declining and tries to contain its expenses and is detrimental to environment.

It is not a new event: In the eighties, the mayor of Paris, who became the President of France in 1995, had promised to convert the Seine river, which crosses Paris, into a water that could be drunk. Today, nobody would put their foot in such a polluted liquid.

In France, dominated in Paris and in the government by a "rose" power, Juliet's sentence is quite true: "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Shakespeare and France expires.

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