The oil pipeline would connect Canada to the United States. More specifically, it offered a shorter transportation route for oil between the two countries. The pipeline would have run from Alberta, Canada, and end up at Steele City in Kansas, a shorter route than the current pipeline. Those who favored construction of the Keystone XL pipeline project argued that this project would have created numerous jobs in the states through which it would have passed.

Obama's refusal comes after many years of debate. It is possible that Obama's decision was influenced by the announcement of the unemployment rate in the United States: according to BBC, the unemployment rate dropped to 5 percent, the lowest value of Obama`s presidency. It is worth mentioning that, lately, the U.S.president has become increasingly more environmentally-conscious, example being his visit to Alaska.

In addition, this position against construction of Keystone XL Oil Pipeline comes to help Democrats.  Hillary Clinton, a Democratic candidate for the nomination for the presidential election, was for a long time against this construction which, according to specialists, would severely damage the environment.

In the past, this pipeline has generated strained relations and disputes between Washington and former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

But now, Canada has a new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, and Obama seems to be in better relations with him. However, if next year's elections give Republicans a victory, this project is likely to be brought back to life.

Obama`s refusal seems to have another implication. At the end of the month, world leaders will meet in Paris to sign an unique document: a global treaty, an agreement regarding protection of the environment.

This meeting in Paris is called UN Climate Change Conference. It is possible that the president of the United States is thinking about his legacy. Maybe he wants to remain in the collective memory of humanity as the president who made huge efforts to protect the environment.

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