Cartels have existed at least since the 1980s across the Mexican territory. With the disposal, with the help of the U.S., of the most important Colombian cartels, Medellin controlled by Pablo Escobar (1993) and Cali (1995), Mexican cartels have gained gradually during the 1990s, and are now the most important source of illegal drugs destined for the United States.

In regards to drugs, the Mexican State faces a real tragedy. Thousands of people die annually because of conflicts that arise between different groups that ensure their livelihoodby trafficking drugs. Mexico`s Supreme Court decision has given hope of a new beginning: a group of 4 people won the right to cultivate and consume marijuana.This 4 people are members in the Mexican Society for Responsible and Tolerant Personal Use and will now be permitted to grow and smoke their own marijuana.

People celebrated this victory in a personal manner by smoking a couple of joints outside the Mexican Supreme Court.It is also exciting the statement of one of the judges who voted in favor of this measure: ”If ... this supreme court is taking such an important step toward legalization of drugs, or at least some of them, I suggest that we are equally careful and responsible in crafting a ruling of the same magnitude”.

However, the battle for the legalization of marijuana is just at the beginning. And that's because the president of Mexico ,Enrique Pena Nieto, is against any concessions or changes to drug policy.

But external pressures are increasingly larger, especially from the United States.

Lately, some states' policies have become more permissive regarding the use of marijuana. Some of them, like Colorado and Oregon, have already legalised it forrecreational purpose.

Mexico must take into account these new trends. In addition, there are a few countries that through marijuana legalization managed to decrease the level of crimes.

Uruguay is the first who went to this internal stabilization strategy.The people of Uruguayare allowed to grow six marijuana plants a year, on their ownership (yard/ house). This measure has targeted the regulation and taxation of the drug market that already exists, but it was controlled by traffickers.

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