In the 70s, we had the awesome Super Friends. In the 90s, we had X-Men. Now, Marvel and DC Comics fight fiercely to decide who’ll take the upper hand in this decade. And while DC is trying hard on TV with Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl, Marvel has delivered Daredevil and now a fan-favorite: Jessica Jones.

Most fans have already seen the whole season, but to those yet to be delighted, let’s offer some background.

Jessica Jones’ Background

Imagine a girl in the Marvel Universe. Her dad works in Stark Industries, she’s Peter Parker’s classmate and she’s not a mutant.


She lives a hard life as an American teenager until she eventually gets into an accident with her family. And if you are even a bit informed about superhero-stuff, you already know what’ll happen: she’ll get super powers from this accident.

Powers or not, life goes on and Jessica keeps living her story.

After a really short superhero phase, she falls under the influence of one of Marvel’s greatest villains (even if not the most powerful): The Purple Man.

Jessica Jones as a Private Investigator 

Back in the early 2000s, Alias was as good a comic series as you could get.

It was about Jessica’s story after her time with the Purple Man.

As a PI, she had to live with the memories of that time and all her emotional baggage. The art was amazing and it was truly well written. Action packed scenes and awesome detective work gave birth to a legend.

Jessica Jones’ TV Series: What we can expect?

It is awesome. This series really takes fans seriously and producers are not afraid to create a legion of new enthusiasts.

Krysten Ritter could make an extra effort, but you’ll not even think about it. The scripts are too good and the setting is too perfect for anyone to think twice.

This is truly Netflix’s Christmas gift to comic fans everywhere.


Final Thought on Jessica Jones

This series is beautifully made and the universe is shared with every current Marvel product. So you’ll hear references to The Avengers, for example.

Keep an eye open for a Defenders series, uniting Jessica and other Marvel heroes! It’s bound to happen!