What is freedom? Do we have the power to understand the whole meaning of it? Along the history, mankind has attempted to define freedom through various means. Since immemorial times, the philosophers and thinkers have tried to establish a precise definition of the concept of freedom, of what implies the absence or presence of it. Even nowadays, the freedom represents a nebula, a pile of attributes, constantly flying in a Brownian motion that cannot be fully understood.

United States of America was formed, having as main attribute the individual freedom.


It is well know that the first settlers were people tired of deprivation of liberty in Europe. There, absolute monarchies had right of life and death over entire peoples. The French Revolution would come over almost a century, from 1789. 

But subsequent developments was pretty sad. In the meantime, American citizens freedom was restricted by the numerous amendments made to the Constitution. The last major change in this series is the Patriot  Act. This modification made in the context of the war on terror has restricted citizens ' freedoms at an alarming scale.

According to this document, authorities have the right to inspect the house of every citizen without a search warrant. As well they can intercept telephone conversations, online activity of every citizen. Basically, the average American has no protection against these violations of his freedom or his own privacy. And this is more than sad!

Extrapolating for a second, freedom in its most general sense is nothing more than the absence of coercion. If we take a look worldwide, we can observe that there is no state which can provide such benefits for its inhabitants. 

Then, what we did wrong? The answer is very relative.


Freedom is a broad concept, with many variables, and as any concept suffers when it is time to apply in real life. We should adapt it to contemporary needs, but not to get it naked from its value as assumed, for example, the Patriot Act . That document was an offense over democracy and also to freedom.

But in the 21st century freedom has a new dimension. People have stopped to be bothered by these issues. In other words, freedom has become an extension of self determination. According to Huffingtonpost.com self-determination has became the main result of the Americans desires regarding to freedom in the 21st century.

And this dynamic is fueled by a huge amount of foreigners who keeps coming in the U.S. for a better life.