It's no surprise that cowards like ISIS hide their faces with black masks and took the war of terrorist to the streets of Paris. They killed at least 128, injured 360 and seriously injured 19 from shooting and bombing nightclubs, bars, cafés, and theaters. Medical professionals and good Samaritans were rescuing and trying to save lives, as French officials acted immediately, working with special forces on protecting the civilians and searching for those ISIS suspects who mission of senseless acts would be a battled.


French officials are working with special forces in search for the ISIS suspects

French officials are working along with special forces to help find those responsible for the Paris attacks. The police raided the Bataclan Theatre where the ISIS terrorist suspects busting in, while a concert was playing, shooting and killing at least 89. Three terrorist members there blew themselves up and the fourth one was shot by the police.


Meanwhile the French police found and killed the mastermind of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, in a raid at an apartment in Paris. Also there was a female suspect involved and she blew herself up, and eight were arrested.

Sources later discovered probable evidences of a soda can, wires and a switch, pictured in an ISIS magazine called "Dabiq,"  a magazine that promotes violence, and the pictured items are thought to have been used in making bombs that took down the two Russian planes in South Sudan.

U.S. and other counties are considering additional security strategies

Paris President Francois Hollande immediately secured the borders to allow no refugees, while most states of the U.S. are not considering accepting any refugees from Syria. The horrific tragedy of the Paris attacks gained nationwide attention that influences countries around the world to be on high alert. The attacks have also encouraged the law enforcement to protect civilians and communities in raised security.

The U.S. needs to be highly cautious, especially when receiving violent threats from ISIS, and the experience of 9/11. Some sources said the threats are believed to have been from a grudge when President George W. Bush was in the White House.

ISIS allows their arrogance to get the best of them. When they commit a terrorist crime most of them would rather commit suicide and not face the justice of being punished by humanity






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