After Mark Cuban said he carries only 13 apps in his phone, every billionaire-wannabe started to live with fewer and fewer apps.

If you’re on their team or just want to cut the annoyance and constant distractions many apps can give you, here are the essential list of apps to carry around. And even if your phone is overloaded, you should think about downloading the full list and completing your collection. Even if you need to delete a few others.

1 - WhatsApp

One of the most powerful forces to have raised in the last few years, making phone companies lose tons of money all over the world, WhatsApp is a safe and useful communication app.

Intuitive, light and cheap, this one is here to stay.

2 - Evernote

Another great service, especially for those who need to access many notes. You can keep journals, scraps and even class notes. If you don’t want to type, take a picture, write cursive in the screen, make an audio note, or use any other option in the app. If you pay for the service, you can even get an email account to keep records of your correspondences.

3 - Vine

Simply the best, easiest and most intuitive free video editing app. Really impressive performance, especially for a free app.

4 – Google maps

Always evolving, Google maps are frequently updated and one of the best mapping services in the country. Also, it is completely free.

5 - Yelp

Not only can you take credit for being a food critic and douche around like in the South Park episode, you can also use this app to check on what the business has to say about itself. Information such as work hours, menus, e-mail, and telephone numbers, social media pages, etc.

If you use it for the second use listed, you’ll probably look for a few reviews. But keep in mind that they were written by people.

6 - Google Drive

Many people use Dropbox as a cloud service, but Google Drive never let me down, was always easy to use and share stuff and is generally installed in new phones. So, give it a try before installing another service.

7 – Google Translate

One of the best translating apps around, covering many expressions in a diverse arrange of languages.

Also generally preinstalled, but if you don’t have it, get it now.

8 – Uber

Even with all the fuss in international courts of law, if you have access to it, you should be using Uber’s service. It’s cheap and pretty good. So, stop the neophobic thinking and give it a try.

9 – Get Shit Done

A productivity app with unbelievable results. A pity it doesn’t have sound effects.

10 - Duolingo

Yes, you always talk and think about learning a new language but never takes any steps toward fulfilling this goal. Now, if you don’t keep games in your phone, you can use this free app and learn a few languages, like Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Easy to use and easy to learn.

Last thoughts on the list of essential apps to your phone

This is a very trim list, if you wish, you can add a few others just to keep things under control. But keep in mind that too many apps are not a sign of too much work getting done.

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