Everyone born in the last 25 years has grown up with computers and Internet and regards this as a normal part of their life. I, however, can still remember how things where before the Internet.

I can’t exactly remember the day I first used it, but I do remember that in the early days, there was very little information available. A few progressive companies created a page presenting their firm and that was it. Probably movie theaters were the first to use the Internet, presenting their programs. And the sex industry of course, saw the endless possibilities from the beginning.


There were no high speed lines available.

You had to make a connection with the provider using a modem. For those who don’t know this, it was a kind of box, making peeping and cracking noises to make an analog connection over the telephone line, which gave you a terribly slow connection. You could actually go for a cup of coffee after pressing the enter button, before you got info back.

Writing this, makes me feel very old, although this is hardly 25 years ago. So much has changed in that period of time.

Today you can find almost anything on the net.

Googling” is now a verb. You type in some keywords, press Enter and instantly you get information from all over the world. How amazing is that? When I had to make a paper in college, I spent hours and hours in the library doing research in books, and that was even limited to the books available.

Is the information better now?

I don’t know. Anyone can post anything, if it is correct or not. Is it faster? Yes and no. The response is instantaneous, but you also spent many hours reading everything to get to that point.


The 21st century will definitely be the age of information. Technology is evolving so fast these days you can hardly follow up. Just look at mobile devices: The first mobile phone hardly fit in your briefcase, while today people can’t survive a single day without their “mini-computer” in their pocket. How did we even survive without a phone before? I think sometimes it is good to take a step back and look at this evolution.