The United States and the international community need to take serious measures against Daesh. Several mistakes have been made in the recent past, but that also happened during the World Wars; for instance, America's isolationism after 1919 was the first step allowing an eventual Nazi party's rise in Germany. But now it is time for every major power to take action agains Islamic State. Let's check a simple 3-step plan to create a different future for Middle East.

Step 1: Defeating Daesh

Back in 1943, the USA and Russia came up with a plan to force Germany to unconditional surrender, because its destruction was far more important than anything else. We now have the conditions to gather this kind of international consensus again. There can be no peace in the Middle East while Daesh is still operational, like the Nazi regime was.

Russia, USA ,and the Europeans must commit to send troops to the ground, occupy Raqqa, and obliterate Daesh for good. Right now, even China and Japan may be willing to offer logistic support to such an operation.

Step 2: Keep Syria under occupation, just like Germany and Austria

Syria must be divided under occupation zones for a limited period. Russia will protect Damascus (of it's Assad ally) and may keep Raqqa. The USA, France, and Germany would protect Free Syrian Army's hometowns.

On step 2 we will start rebuilding the country, bringing in neighboring countries' refugees and international construction companies. Syrian oil must be under United Nations supervision.

Step 3: Build a federal state just like Iraq

Let's face it. Russia's interests can't be overshadowed. If we want to solve Syria's problem, Russia should have the right to keep its Latakia base. The simpler way is to build a federal, iraqi-style state, along the lines of the occupation zones.

Let us keep in mind that in the Middle East there's hardly a nation-state conscience like in Europe or the Americas.

These borders were drawn by the British and the French in the aftermath of World War One. Our focus should be to build consistent and flexible political institutions; so, new Syrian "states" or "provinces" must have a high degree of autonomy.


This is an opportunity to revive the United Nations role. The plan would surely be approved by the whole Security Council. All the 5 "veto powers" are Daesh's targets and won't hesitate to vote favorably.

This is also an opportunity to create an international solution, rather than leave the United States alone defining the future for the region -- as was the case after the Iraq invasion.


We always hear that Arabs and Muslims are tired of foreign intervention, and here we are talking of another "invasion" and "occupation". So far, we've seen that Turkey takes Daesh as its ally, and so we can't include Ankara on Syria's future -- unless there is a significant policy change there.

Regarding other Middle East countries, it is still unclear whether they would be willing to actively participate in such a solution. Would Iran or Saudi Arabia be willing to cooperate, send troops, be a part of the nations' reconstruction? Anyway, the great powers cannot wait for the Middle East "cooperation" in this.

What are your views about this plan? Could US/Russia gather and send troops to the ground? Leave your comment and share this plan so it may reach American and Russian administrations!

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