When learning that another Russianplane crashed, it reminded me of September 11 -- about pilots who were controlling the planes and crashing them on purpose. The Russian plane thatcrashed along the banks of the Nile Riverhaspossibly killed 40 people with two survivors, one of them a child. The Russian and Egyptian authorities have their hands full with the investigation, which may include them revisiting the dismissed report on ISIS, who claimed responsibility for the Russian plane crashed in Egypt's Sinai Mountains. Hopefully, the document may have a chance to become officiallyreliable.

How Russian Plane Crashes CouldAffect the Relationship between Russia and Sudan Airport

Russia has canceled all their flights leaving Sudan airport because of the second tragic event.

This wasn't the first time aRussian plane crashed when taking off from a Sudan airport. In June of 2005, a Russian Plane with 36 passengers crashedafter taking off from theSudan airport in Khartoum. An investigation should have been launched at that time. Hopefully, the Russians and Egyptians authorities will revisit the June 2005 tragedy to find a possibleconnection with these two tragedies.

Russian Planes were Sabotaged Possible by ISIS

Its confirmed that both Russian planes crash after leaving Sudan airport caused by a terrorist bomb. Although ISIS claimed responsibility for the plane crashed in Egypt's Sinai Mountains. Its no doubt that Russian and Egyptian authorities willconsider ISIS suspects in both of these horrific tragedies.

And no surprise that ISIS probably went into hiding since the plane crashed, along the banks of the Nile river. But when wrong has been done, you can't hide or bury it.Somehow, the truth will slip out and catch up with you. No matter how much of an expert you are. Hopefully, the Russian and Egyptian authorities will not procrastinate with this investigation because they were too many lives lost, and victim's families are suffering the loss of their loved ones from thissenseless act.

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