Do you think women rule in reality TV? Have you ever thought about it? If not, think about it, because from the Real Housewives reality shows on Bravo to the Bad Girls Club on Oxygen to Basketball Wives on VH1 to the Kardashians on E Network, the lives of women seem to be of great interest in the reality TV world. They even are talked about daily on shows like The View and The Talk.

Now, while some of the images portrayed have not been the most positive, the reality shows with a cast women more often than not, do well. So, what is the formula that makes this work? Women are interesting and very multi-dimensional.

They are wives, daughters,sisters, mothers, girlfriends, bosses, and sometimes even caretakers to their family members. Within some of the shows mentioned above, there are shows about sisters and shows about friends, but the themes are similar. They each deal with support and even sometimes delve into issues such as careers, insecurity, jealously, and envy. Perhaps, this is a major element into why the shows do work. They do appear real and seems have situations most people relate to in their own lives.

The Kardashians deal with the everyday activities of the family especially the sisters, while Basketball Wives and Real Housewives shows deal with girlfriends gathering to share a common experience with being married to high profile partners.

Finally, the Bad Girls Club deals with some girls simply behaving badly, but has been responsible for introducing comedian/actress Chelsea Handler. And just when you think there could be nothing new to add to women lead reality shows, BET Networks is now introducing The WestBrooks in October 2016. The WestBrooks, also known as "The First Family of Social Media", features five beautiful, yet entirely unique sisters: India, Crystal, Bree, Morgan and Brooke, who have taken the social media world by storm with more than two million followers checking their every move.

Now, if this sounds familiar it should because that is quite a bit of the plot for many of these shows and this just might be an example of what television has to come each new season.

So far, many of the reality shows with female casts have done well and we can only expect, this one to do much of the same.

One thing for sure, it is good TV.

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