The EU is facing the biggest problem with immigrants ever. The Pope calls to peace and the situation in Syria suddenly gets worse. And in this complex situation in the world Russia suddenly starts bombing ISIS. Why? Before the answer will be given, several things should be understood.


1. Putin lies.

Putin always lies. It is one of the basic things which all people should understand. He was lying, when terrorists took hostages in Beslan several years ago. He was lying, when he sent his soldiers to the Ukraine. And he will lie forever. You can find proofs of his lies by yourself or you can wait for my next articles. Anyway, we need to figure out the reasons of his lies. And here is the second position.

2. Putin and his surrounding are criminals.

Yes, they really are.

Putin's photo in Syria. Russian flags at the back.
Putin's photo in Syria. Russian flags at the back.

You don't need to google it deeply to understand this. There was an accident several weeks ago. Putin's secretary, Dmitry Peskov, was photographed with his 40,000 Euro watches. To make it easier to understand I will add, that everything in Russia belongs to Putin or his friends. For example: "Russian Railways" (the only Russian railroad carrier) belongs to Yakunin, Putin's classmate, "Bank of Russia" belongs to his old friend etc. Even churches are to get money.


But here we speak not only about his money and how much he and his friends has stolen. We also speak about war crimes. Here we can start from Crimea's annexation, go through Georgian war and stop at Chechnya's war. But Chechnya is a topic for the another article, I will just write here, that Putin used missile launchers to bomb the capital of Chechnya.

3. The most of Russians are zombies

No, I don't mean that they are infected or something like that.

They just watch TV and they believe in what the authority says. Also, they have an ability to forget, what they were told yesterday. So, it's okey if you speak with such Russian (they are called "vatniki") and yesterday he has told you, that, for example Ukrainians, are his friends, and today he says that he hates them.

So, no we are clear with Putin's authority and now let's speak about Syria. Here we should say, that Russian economy is based on 2 big things: prices on oil and prices on gas.


Somewhere near 75% of all income of Russia comes from oil and gas. And here we can find out the 1st reason of Russian attacks on Syria

1. Qatar

Qatar has one of the biggest amount of gas in the world. The point is that Qatar was going to make a gas pipeline. Try to guess, where was it to be? Right, it had to go from Qatar to Europe through Syria. Nothing to add

2. Iran

Iran has got the biggest oil fleet in the world. And it can mine more oil, than even Russia.


The situation is that Barack Obama wants to make Iran a partner of the USA and of the EU. Of course, it will crash oil prices. And that means that Putin and his friends will lose a really big amount of money

3. Ukraine

No, Ukraine doesn't mine oil or gas. The problem is that Putin stuck in Ukraine. He can't get out, without admitting himself defeated. Russia has really big problems with the economy and there is no guarantee that situation won't get worse. But Putin is a former worker of KGB and that means that he will never admit himself defeated. So war in Syria is his way out. He wants to show to the rest of the world, that he is a good guy too and he fights with terrorists. But still he is bombing FSA and doing this he wants to show that he wants to see Asad as a leader of Syria. Why does he need to let Asad rule Syria? Syria is the only Russian partner in the region. There is only one Russian naval base there and Putin doesn't want to lose it.

This reasons are the most obvious ones. If we speak about Putin we can't be 100% sure that we are right. The only thing we know for sure is that there will be a land operation in Syria, the question is only "when?". And yes, Sunni is the biggest group of Muslims in the world that's why Syria can become the second Afghanistan for Russia, but with more acts of terrorism. 

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