We all know about the negative effects of cannabis/weed but not many of us take the time to actually look at the positives and the pros . So I have taken the time to write this article purely based on the positive effects that cannabis can have on the UK. This old age debate has been going on for several years but nothing really has come close until now it has just been talk.

Recently a huge number of people signed a petition to legalise cannabis the actual amount of people who signed were 200,000 strong.

Most of the numbers were made from an online poll and through links on Facebook.

The benefits of legalising cannabis are that crime would significantly decrease due to the number of cannabis related incidents and arrests for people selling and growing the plant. The police would have more time to focus their units on more important crimes like knife crime and Rape. And they would not be called out for drug related crimes and dealings of the drug this would save money and paperwork.

Tax revenue would be huge over another 900 million in revenue could be brought in each year making the country rich and wealthy.

It could be sold as medicine and nearly everyone could benefit from cannabis ,it has many health benefits and could also be used as good funding for healthcare. The country would have more funds to solve its current debts and even be in profit 3 times the debt.

Just take a step back and think ,even legalising Cannabis on a temporary basis could have positive effects for the United Kingdom. Other nations such as the US have already gone ahead with the deal and more wiser for it .Several states in the US including the Capital Washington DC have already legalised Marijuana.

Evetually after a time period people would just see it and recognise it as a common drug .

Many people do it already such as Celebrities and it is included in a lot of films ,talk shows ,singers ,media it is already very much apart of our lives . Homeless or youngsters may be seen using the drug or in much poorer areas of the UK people are already smoking it anyway. In Music festivals it is one of the most popular and common drugs used in the summer months.

80% of people have smoked Cannabis at least once in their life time. Next time you are out and about in the real world take time to look at how close cannabis is to your society and see that in fact the drug is already legal.

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