With reports of Russian warplanes targeting Free Syrian Army rebel positions to the tune of 90%, as opposed to the so-called Islamic State strongholds that they claim they are attacking, the proxy war being carried out in Syria is now a true cauldron of explosive trauma.

US fighters have been hitting ISIS for much of the year, all the while insisting on the removal of president Bashar al-Assad, alongside training the Syrian security forces. Britain, as would be expected since 2001, has been allied in these operations.

Turkey, Syria’s imposing neighbour to the north, and its president Erdogan are bullishly opposed to al-Assad, in a turnaround of the two leaders’ earlier friendship. Now Erdogan considers al-Assad a secular/Alawite dictator responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, while al-Assad considers Erdogan an Islamic fundamentalist with neo-Ottoman empire ambitions. Leading Turkish secularist newspaper Hurriyet has uncovered arms being secretly run over the border to ISIS, indicating whence the real support of the ruling Islamist Turkish AK party.

At the start of the century, Republican Condoleeza Rice and other Neocon hawks were bewilderingly open in their declaration that peace in the middle-east would somehow be assured through the continuous destabilization of it. This bizarre foreign policy has been clearly employed through the intervening years, true to their word, with Obama’s Democrats generally left in a ‘clean up’ role – while gradually increasing the use of that pilotless weapon of the coward, the drone.

The destabilization approach has two main advantages for the undeclared US ‘empire’. Firstly, every superpower needs an enemy, and since the end of the Cold War at the end of the last century, it’s been decided that that enemy is Islam (biggest creditor China is presumably an official enemy-in-waiting). Secondly, the arms trade is an enormous industry, and a huge part of maintaining the mega-wealth of the 1%.

The only way of trading more in arms and maintaining those profits is by using them up and buying/selling more. Certain parts of the West profit, while the Middle-East burns.

The outflux of Syrian refugees throughout the west is an obvious consequence of these policies, which also essentially created the rebel forces of ISIS, Al-Qaeda and their ilk. With Putin’s legendary resistance to these plans, and a comparatively quiet Iran - who may also join in on al-Assad’s side at any point, given the right excuse - the people remaining in Syria are the real victims of this proxy Third World War. Be very wary of the word ‘escalation’, and moreover remember the real reasons why it may escalate.

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