The situation in Syria is extremely complicated. The dimensions of the problem are multiple. In addition to the political dimension of the problem, the military issue is quite dangerous. There are many para-military groups fighting for various causes. In addition you must not neglect the social dimension which has caused a huge wave of refugees. All this has created a very dangerous cocktail for the Syrian state. As a result, the international community decided to intervene to stabilize this country.


Initially, the coalition was formed from Turkey and the United States. The bombing carried out by these states on the ISIS followers positions were pretty ineffective. In addition, it is known that an error caused the bombing of a hospital. Innocent people, doctors and wounded people have been killed. Russia defies international recommendations and decides to intervene and the reason is known: Russian intervention has no other purpose than to eliminate terrorists. All well and good, you might say!

The bombing carried out by Russian aircraft have had some success.

Numerous positions of ISIS were destroyed. These achievements have fueled the courage. Russian officials have entered into a dispute at declarative level with U.S. officials. Soon, these tensions were defaced on the battlefield. Often, Russian jet fighters approached dangerously to the American ones. In terms of comparison, United States and Russia behave like two kids that argue for a ball on the playground. 

It is very well known the rivalry between these two military superpowers. Along the last decades their rivalry in the ideological, social, political, economic sphere put countless times all mankind in the face of disaster.


It's enough to remember the Cold War and the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 when Russia has put nuclear warheads to less than 200 km from the U.S. territory.

Today, Syria may become the critical point of the relationship between these entities. The chances of a ”voltage” of such a magnitude as to that in Cuba are not negligible.