This year at least 12 people got killed while taking a selfie. The Russian government started a campaign to warn people because more and more accidents happen. American National Parks noticed several people approaching bears and bisons, just to take the ultimate picture of themselves.Since the coming of smartphones, people always have a camera at hand. And suddenly they feel the need to document every second of their lives. And a simple picture is not even good enough anymore. People strive to post cooler and more spectacular pictures than their friends do.

Having a lot of “likes” seems to be the ultimate way of self confirmation. Modern society is no longer about achievement but about having hits on your pictures. And people are willing to take irresponsible risks to make them. Tenyears ago, no one would have thought of standing on the railing of a bridge and take a picture of themselves. Today that is not even spectacular enough.

It’s not onlynarcissistswho post a lot of pictures of themselves. Selfies have become a way of showing the world that you have a great time, that you are doing fun stuff.

Having fun is no longer the objective, making a good picture is, whether you are having fun or not.

Popularity is measured by the number of “friends” you have online, regardless of the fact if you really know these people or not. Despite the modern ways of communication, people today are lonelier than ever. Contacts have become superficial: a tweet, a like, a selfie. That’s the way young people are communicating today.

On the street people no longer talk to each other, everyone is staring at their own little mobile screen. They need hours every day to follow up on all the social networking and at the end of the day; they haven’t had a good conversation with anyone. Modern technology is not connecting people, but rather isolating them. Youngsters without a Facebook accountsimply don’t fit in.

Do social networks still provide the service for which they were intended or have they become more of a burden?

That would be an interesting topic to discuss with your real life friends.

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