Curse is a solemn statement intended to invoke a supernatural or divine power to inflict punishment upon somebody or something. Researchers put together some of these unsolved mysteries over the years, that are now called curses:

The Curse of the American Presidents (the Curse of Tippecanoe). It all started with William Henry Harrison, who was elected president in 1840. He won the presidential seat after the battles in 1811 with the Shawnee Indian tribe of Tippecanoe. The chief’s brother put a curse on him and those who would become presidents in the election years ending with the same number as Harrison.

So Harrison died in 1841. After him, Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860, James A. Garfield in 1880 (assassinated), William McKinley in 1900 (assassinated), Warren G. Harding in 1920 (heart attack or stroke), Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1940 (cerebral hemorrhage) and J. F. Kennedy (assassinated). A total of 7 presidents died. In some cultures 7 is a magic number, the number that connects humans with divinity. Isn’t that a strange coincidence?

• The Curse of the Hungarian Suicide Song. A Hungarian composer named Rezso Seress created a piano song called "Gloomy Sunday"’ after his wife left him. He’s inspiration came from sadness in accordance with the gloomy weather of that day. An urban legend says that, once a producer recorded that song, a lot of strange things started to happen.

A young man in Berlin shot himself in the head after listening to that song for a week. After that, more suicide acts were connected to the same melody, including Seress’ former wife. Just before the Second World War would start, a version of "Gloomy Sunday" by Billie Holiday was banned at british BBC; after the war, people lost interest in it.

• The Curse of Superman. All of the popular actors who played Superman suffered terrible faith. George Reeves was the first; he commited suicide under strange conditions. Christopher Reeve, who played the character in the first film, was paralyzed after he fail from a horse. The curse also affected the creators of Superman: Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster sold their million dollar idea for 130 bucks to a comic book editorial.

Thejinx that was around the character of Superman stop many actors from interpreting it.

• The Curse of Hope Diamond. This precious gem was taken by a man called Tavernier from a temple in India, right from the eye of the goddess Sita. After he sold he diamond, he was killed by rabid dogs in Russia. King Louis XVI, another owner of the stones had also a terrible fate (him and his wife, Marie Antoinette were beheaded). Now the Hope Diamond is in the safe custody of the Smithsonian Museum.

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