We live in an age in which everything changes constantly, turns around, our needs and desires are influenced in an aggressive manner by factors that surround us. If the 20th century was called "the speed", then the 21st century can be easily called "consumption-based on madness". And as a fundamental tool we created credit cards, those extraordinary plastic sheets that satisfy all appetites, at any hour of the day or night, any product at a very advantageous interest rate. It sounds familiar?

We buy things simply because we are just like an addict, we yearn for a dose, buying things to help us sleep well at night. And all this madness is fueled by big companies, conglomerates, corporations.


Advertising and marketing, they are accompanying us everywhere, the ads are part of the daily routine. Recent years have accounted for these areas a reinvention, the emergence of social networks has created new mechanisms of intoxication with promotions, contests, etc. It is sad that the advertisements hit us where we suffer the most: the desire to have a new thing, to show the world that you own this or that.

People end up buying a bunch of things which have no utility. We get to have the garage filled with various acquisitions, while at the same time we accumulated debts of thousands of dollars.

Even sadder is that the ads show that you can afford almost anything. Do you have a credit card? Excellent! Come to shop ``X`` and you will fulfill your desires!!

I don't think I'm the only one who has noticed a particular typology of advertisements: every advertisement which is targeted at families has a similar scenario: a loving and attentive husband, a beautiful wife who cooks well, one or two children under 10 years — they live into a freshly created residential area, have a large dwelling, with a generous garden and when they go on holiday the roads are simply free, the whole universe conspires to make them happier than ever.


This perfect scenario does not apply. It`s time to wake up and face reality! It`s healthier !