American president’s candidate Jeb Bush reacted on Obama’s speech about the Oregon University shooting last weekend. 9 people were killed and Bushes reaction to it was: “these things happen”. According to Bush, the government does not have to react with laws every time something bad happens. 

“Making laws is not going to solve every problem” he said. He referred to the tragedy as “stuff happens”.  Many people reacted very frustrated about this. Obama probably was right when he said the American people have become numb to these incidents.


Until … it happens to your own family.

According to FBI statistics, there really is a link between gun possession and violent deads.

Per 100 residents in the US, 112 guns are registered. That’s more than 1 per person! With this amount, the US is the highest one ranked worldwide.

The top countries in Europe, France and Austria, registered 30 guns per 100 residents.  Most of the countries in Europe, Australia and New Zealand only have between 10 and 20 weapons per 100 inhabitants. Even in South America there are less than 10 guns per 100 people and most countries in Asia noted less than 2.

In 2014, of the total number of 11961 murders in the USA, 8124 of them where committed with fire arms, which is 68%. Of those victims, 52 % were young people between 20 and 30 years old.

  • 5% of the gun killings are related to burglary,
  • 3% to drug crimes,
  • 8% are gang killings.

The 84% remaining fatal shootings, 6658 victims, can be categorized as “stuff happens”.

Apart from the violent crimes stated above, there are about 19 000 suicides yearly by fire arms in the US. 

To put this in perspective: the war in Iraq resulted in 4486 American soldiers killed and 2254 in Afghanistan.  More people get killed with firearms every year in the USA, than soldiers were during the war in the Middle East.


According to international statistics, the number of firearm-related deaths per 100.000 population per year is:

  • Between 65 and 39 in Honduras, Venezuela, El Salvador en Jamaica
  • 11 deaths in the US
  • Between 3 and 0.25 in Europe, Australia and New Zealand
  • Less than 0.20 in Asia

The top five states with highest gun possession are:

  • Texas (403,000)
  • California (312,000)
  • Virginia (268,234)
  • Florida (254,000)
  • Pennsylvania (225,377).

The states with the least guns registrated are:

  • Rhode Island (4054)
  • Delaware (4087)
  • Vermont (4199)
  • Hawaii (7403)
  • North Dakota (8122)

The top five states for number of gun victims are

  • California (1169)
  • Texas (765)
  • Pennsylvania (453)
  • Illinois (371)
  • New York (344)

The bottom five with least victims are

  • Guam (0)
  • Hawaii (1)
  • Maine (6)
  • New Hampshire (6)
  • North Dakota (6)

Looking at these numbers, who can still believe that there is no relationship between the number of guns and people getting killed by them?