This past year the host of Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Guy, Chef Guy Fieri officiated at a mass wedding ceremony in Miami, Florida for 101 LGBT couples. And that got both me and my partner wondering if we would ever be part of an event like this.

I mean we have seen this trend before, in fact we all remember the mass LGBT wedding that took place during last year’s Grammys, in which Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Same Love" anthem became the theme song for 33 newlyweds during the 56th Grammy Awards on Sunday night.

That night the gay and straight weddings were officiated by none other than Queen Latifah while the hit song about equality was performed by the rap duo with Madonna hitting the stage with them, along with Mary Lambert and jazz artist Trombone Short.

Talk about a great wedding story right there, just imagine telling your friends how your wedding wasn’t such a big deal, you know something small with just Madonna and Queen Latifah.

After thinking about the subject for a while we realized that certainly not every wedding can have such a start studded line up, but even if there weren’t any Celebrities involve, the thought of getting marry alongside a large numbers of people can represent something very romantic and idealistic, is the whole the idea of being part of something big and heartfelt.

Of course most of the people, my partner and I included are more incline to something very small with really just close family and friends present. I guess it all depends on whether you and your partner prefer something more traditional or something more spontaneous and on the wild side.

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In the end my partner and I could never rule out the option that maybe if we are presented with an option to tbe a part of a huge event mass wedding and we are feeling those days a little more adventurous, why not have an unique way to declare our love.

So would you like to participate in a gay mass wedding or maybe have some friends do a mega celebration and be part of the love of many couples?