The image itself is shocking, to say the least, a negative image of the world today. It reflects the sort of generation we live in. Violence is on the rise and the problems in Syria are getting worse and at an all time low. However, this is the image of a young boy that has captured the hearts of many and raised awareness to the people.

Football matches paid tribute and had a minute of silence, there were Facebook stories, world News reports and our nation has highlighted this shocking story. It is quite obvious why it has received so much publicity and attention as the child is innocent and it shows there is no protection or equality left in the world .

Is this the future for us? Are we forced tolive in such harsh environments and see more death?

The boy's name was Aylan, a name to remember for all people concerned. It seems he was just left there to drown with nobody showing remorse until it was too late. He will be remembered to reflect the rising migrant crisis that is sweeping and spreading as you read this story. It is a reflection on neglect and pure ignorance of ignoring the situation in Syria.

If the migrant crisis is not solved we could soon be seeing more shocking images of people trying to cross the boarder; Syria needs help in trying to solve their own problems and need aid.

Many believe this image can spark a new word war, not to forget there is already a war going on in Syria. Maybe the image will reunite people into solving the problem, whatever the case it is certain the situation has got more attention and recognition. Aylan may well be the youngest but not to forget another 11 people died that day also believed to be on the same boat.

This is certainty a very heart breaking and shocking story that has caught the attention of the world!

The young boy is innocent and young and very vulnerable and the mother is not seen in any of the news stories. This is why the image is very strong at creating a big impact on humanity. Spare some thought in your day to think about the young boy Aylan even if it is a few minutes out your day.

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