Having witnessed first hand, due to having a sister of my own I have quickly realized the impact of teenage pregnancy and huge pressure put on young women. It is not often that women are the subject of News stories just look at sporting heroes most of which are male. Female footballers do not get the same amount of recognition as men do and there are very few or not as much women sports highlighted. Women are often neglected and ignored when it comes to their own individual problems and more awareness is required.

But what is it like as a young girl going to college or University in this generation?

Women are treated like a peace of meat quite often as you hear a lot of news stories related to sexual abuse or rape. Women are at more of a risk in the streets or out clubbing on a night out than men are, and seen as very vulnerable or a easy target. When it comes to sex often it is the women who is to blame and the subject of most of the outcomes .

There is a common trend forming that being pregnant at a young age is fully acceptable and fashionable. Compare this to the women of the 80s: they saw this as destroying the women image of a strong independent woman. Much so in the 90s it was also not socially acceptable to be pregnant at a young age and women should have more dignity.

The high sex drive many youngsters have these days is huge and this is influenced by the internet in many circumstances.

Facebook being a huge reason; the amount of posts you may see daily of people talking about how they are a mother or pregnant is growing. The comments are generalized as mostly popular and there are also many advantages more and more teenagers are experimenting early.

Some advantages can be that the amount of benefits you can claim or are entitled to rise, meaning you generate a bigger income for the risk.

You are considered much better off or more wealthy with the more kids you have. You can get more than most people and more help by putting yourself at greater risk.

When your friends are starting to get interested in boys early it is hard to not stick to the crowd as you are missing out. You would feel more respect for a woman who has looked after herself until the right age and waited until she found the right guy.

Some could say there is huge overwhelming pressure on young women to get pregnant and have kids early.

More should be done to tackle this issue in the future by increasing the legal age for sex and teen pregnancy. More sex education classes in school that highlight the problem. More help available for young women at universities instead of influencing it more choice in uni dorms. The risks should also be made more available instead of highlighting the positives there should be more focus on the negative areas. Raising awareness like this article to get people more alert about the situation. Drinking is often a huge part of pregnancy as it stops your concentration and makes you more willing to have sex.

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