There is a huge reason why NWA STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON was such a huge hit this year and got one of the best movie reviews of the year!

It helps us trace back to the 90s genre music theme era where so much was different and makes us realise how the current generation of music we live in is now miles apart and how different we have become. NWA was a huge hit in the 90`s and reflected poverty, racism and equal rights. Equality and diversity which there was a lot of in that era. The younger audience especially can relate to the lifestyle and share common trends and life situations in their own life.

However in this generation a lot of the things highlighted in the movie all still remain which is what made it a hit. The 90`s is still very much alive and so is NWA,crime, racism, poverty and money still exist in this generation. NWA chose to focus on this as their target to express the concerns facing young people and have it highlighted.

What made NWA Powerful is that they created a image that reflected things that would never disappear and took a stand so much so that it is still a huge hit today and still has wide followers even after the death of EASY E.

The shear strength of the group is proven as they have retained their audience even in a new generation of people in fact their fan base has grown.

A lot of people have love for the 90`s and would love to go back in the past NWA is something a lot of us can relate too, the music goes with it as it helps give you a feel that you are back there. The movie is superb and excellent at creating the 90s hip hop scene and which is why it does so well at the reviews a typical 90s theme movie.

NWA were one of the most successful rap groups of all time and the movie is played out in a documentary style film if you like understanding what they experienced in the rise to fame. The key things to look for in the movie are the togetherness, individual quality and the strength. Not to forget they split up at some stage and you see each of their individual qualities and paths they go through.

If you have not already seen this movie go ahead and watch it, worth your money and if you are a big hip hop fan you can't lose it.


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