Louise Aubrie was born in London but loves to spend time in New York City. She loves to switch between visiting the two inspiring locations. Both cities have influenced her stylings of indie-pop and punk-rock music. Her latest album Late 44 gives listeners an impressive taste of her musical talent as a stylish artist. It was released on July 13th. When I first heard her music, I thought it was retro and spunky. It reminded me of music from the 1960s and the 1980s. Popular musicians from those time periods that came to mind and share similar sounds with Louise’s album are The Beatles and Blondie.

More specifically, Louise’s vocal abilities sound like Blondie, and the instrumentation of her songs sound like that of The Beatles, especially with the guitar.

Vocal display

Louise definitely has a decent singing voice. It is the kind that I would expect from a punk/pop musician. It is appealing in a melodramatic way that makes her sound strong and free-spirited. Her fiery and passionate vocals are attention-grabbing and sort of carefree. Her singing is very straightforward and spontaneous. There is an unapologetic spirit about her; her diva side really shows through her voice. She does sound a little flat in some songs, and there isn't much vibrato going on, but that seems typical from punk/pop artists.

Favorite song for vocals: 'Perfect Battle Cry'


The instrumentals are loud and fun-loving. They are a mixture of guitar, bass, drums, and piano. Louise has received help in this area from a few other musicians: Tom Edwards, Boz Boorer, Joe Holweger, David Ruffy, and James Knight. What really drew me in about the instrumentation was the adventurous chemistry between the guitar and the drums.

They make the songs flashy and provocative. The combination of the two instruments made it easier for me to enjoy Louise’s music. All of the instruments together generally have an upbeat energy and pair well with her stimulating vocal production.

Favorite song for instrumentals: “Masterstroke”

Lyrical essence

The lyrics of her songs suggest an experience of ups and downs of a romantic relationship.

It is as if she is taking listeners on a roller coaster ride of love. The lyrics are kind of unusual and showcase Louise’s storytelling capabilities. Listening to her sing is like reading through pages of an intimate diary. The lyrics are flamboyant and vulnerable in essence, at the same time. Although the words of the songs emit vulnerability, they are expressed in a self-assured way. It sounds like she is okay with being open about the struggles that come with chasing after love in a hopeless romantic fashion.

Favorite song for lyrics: “Please Don’t Touch”

Final thoughts

I give Louise Aubrie’s latest album a 7 out of 10 rating. What I appreciate about her music is how her unique personality shows through her songs.

Her colorful sounds are confident, exciting, sassy, and a little hippie. She comes off as if she is unafraid to be herself through this album. This album was somewhat easy for me to digest, although I'm not a big fan of punk music.

Click the link/image below, and listen to Late 44 completely free. Let me know what you think of it!

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