It doesn’t matter what age you are, young or mature, men or women, straight, gay or bi, we all have that desire of finding the right person to spend our time with. The discussion could be on whether that desire is strong enough or if on the contrary it has been suppressed because of previous bad experiences, or maybe it could be as simple as the person finds being alone in a period time of their lives fulfilling.

But even if you are comfortable being alone, there’s no doubt that we all have those thoughts in our head from time to time, about finding your ‘’soul mate”, your ‘’other half’’, even when we are in a stable relationship you could wonder if you’re doing the correct thing, if that person sleeping with you is the person who fulfills your needs and will continue to do so in the long run.

In today’s world where there are a thousand apps and dating sites, it would appear to be easier to find the right partner, but in the end all these new technologies only make it easier to meet and arrange a date with a new stranger at every hour, the tricky part is to go from there to actually meeting the guy or girl of your dreams.

In fact you could argue that by having all these sites and apps dedicated to dating and sex that is even more difficult to maintain a monogamous relationship once you find one, because of all the temptation that is out there, with a few simple clicks on your cellphone or computer you could set a date with someone close to where you live.

To put in in perspective setting up a meeting with a complete stranger could only take you a few minutes, even seconds if you have the right profile pic, just opening the app or site will show that your available and you will have a suitor sending you a message, a poke or whatever clever name the applications uses.

In conclusion we all have seen or hear success stories from people who have met on dating’s sites and also some pretty horrible ones, but if you think about it we also have known good or bad stories from people who met at a party, work, college, you name it.

So in the end the deal is not about how or where you meet the Mr. or Mrs. Right, is more about your ability to know whether you are getting involved with someone that deserves your time and makes you feel great or just keeps you second guessing the relationship.

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