The band consists of the members Steve Moore and Gustavo de Beauville. Steve is the vocalist of the group, and Gustavo is responsible for the instrumentals. They reside in Calgary, Canada as immensely unique heavy metal musicians. The album is of a highly poetic style featuring songs that are edgy, mysterious, aggressive, gothic, and deep. The collection of songs are generally of a somewhat fast tempo and possess a serious and hardcore vibe. After listening to The Unravelling’s entire album, I concluded that their music is useful for shouting along with after enduring a super stressful day at school or work. That is because the songs left me with the impression of one experiencing an intense release of negative psychological residue.



Their Alternative Style of Music

As for the instrumentals of the songs, they are forceful and attention-grabbing with very futuristic  and eerie sounds that complement the band’s alternative approach to music. The electric guitar and the drums are exciting and animate the songs in a pleasurable fashion. As for the vocals, I prefer to hear Steve screaming rather than singing. He does have a decent singing voice, but his screaming technique is what gives the songs a heightened level of power, in addition to the background music. When it comes to the lyrics, they are definitely out of this world in an unusual way.

A Few of My Favorite Songs

Now without further ado, here are a few of my favorite songs from the album:

  1. My favorite song regarding instrumentals is “Tear a Hole in the Collective Vision” because the electric guitar and drums are so beautifully synchronized with one another. They are ferocious and full of energy. Both the electric guitar and drums harmoniously invigorate me emotionally as if I'm listening to an epic battle song. Once the chorus enters, the instrumentals intensify and add strength to Steve’s singing.
  2. My favorite song regarding vocals is “Out of the Depths” because I think Steve did an amazing job screaming during the chorus, which is my favorite part of the song. The verses before the  chorus feature Steve singing in less of a far-reaching range. Yet once the chorus appears, his voice pounds my eardrums with an electrifying sensation. This song is one in which Steve’s voice strongly demands my recognition, among a few others.
  3. My favorite song regarding lyrics is “Lucky Me” because it conveys an empowering message of inner liberation. Part of the lyrics describe an individual being in a position of no control while having no choice, no soul, and no voice. Yet being in such a terribly low position allows the individual to experience freedom from being brainwashed by manipulative world leaders or being a powerfully negative source of brainwashing. In other words, not being popular within society can prove to be more gratifying than being a ruler of the world. At least that is the interpretation I drew from the song.     

Final Thoughts

I give The Unravelling’s latest album a 8.5 out of 10 rating. Although I think Steve has a better screaming voice rather than singing voice, the dynamic lyrics and vibrant instrumentals cohesively support his vocal expressions.

The sounds of The Unravelling bring some popular heavy metal artists to mind that you are probably familiar with: Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Korn. Overall, the band has the potential to take listeners on a psychologically adventurous ride.

The album was released on August 7th, 2015.