Pixels, Sony’s new alien invasion movie starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James, is one of the most popular movies in cinemas right now. What’s the story in the movie? Basically aliens misinterpret the games we made in the 80’s and send giant alien video game monsters to destroy our planet. For some reason, two main characters are the only ones who can stop them. The comedy falls apart before it begins because no one would behave the way the main characters do.

"Kitsch," "slop," "stale," "trite" are some of the expressions that are more and more often used to describe contemporary cinematography. Is it true that recently the quality of the movies has been badly decreasing? 

It’s hard to deny.

While in the past the most popular movies dealt with such matters like history, culture, politics, psychology, science, nowadays they are full of absurd situations and foolish jokes. Very often it is really difficult to define the subject or find the point of the watched movie. Moreover, if we consider historical movies, we can come to the conclusion that they are pretty often distorted, for example 'Our mothers, our fathers', which was supposed to tell about the times of the WWII but unfortunately doesn’t reflect the reality. If we take into consideration comedies, they are definitely half-baked, however, still top-rated. 

Coming to the point, what are the reasons for the fact that movie makers decide to produce such lowbrow movies? In my opinion  it is caused by the audience. They observe the reaction of moviegoers and simply adjust the production to their expectations.

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They know that they can target a wider audience by producing less challenging movies. 

However, more and more people are noticing that new movies, including the blockbusters, are no longer as enjoyable as they were in the past. The number of the funs of the old cinematography is rapidly increasing, so maybe it is the high time to consider if simpler really means better.