Robin Williams, just like Jumanji,is unrepeatable. However, Sony would like to film the classic movie, which debuted in 1995, once again. The remake of the 1995 version starring Robin Williams was announced in 2012, but Sony Pictures Entertainment has just appointed the date of the official premiere. The new version, debuting on 26 December 2016 in the USA, will show the story from a different perspective, and tries to make it fit into present times.

Fanatics of the memorable board game fantasy were quite angry on Twitter with the news about Sony premieringthe film’s remake next year. There have been rumours for some time about rebooting the Jumanji franchise, but Sony unexpectedly appointed the date a few days ago.

They want the movie in theatersbynext year's holiday season,but it can’t be known who the director and the protagonists will be.

In its time,Jumanji raised awareness mainly because of its visual effects. Our favourite scene is when the great Robin Williams protects the children – one of them is impersonated by Kristen Dunst – from the lion attacking them in the house.

Fans of this iconicmovie reacted to the news negatively in social media. Some arguedthat because of Robin Williams’ death, in August 2014, the family movie connecting to him should not be filmed again for some time. They called the idea of the remake a shameful thought.

The producer of The Amazing Spiderman, Matt Tolmach, will rethink the remake of Jumanji with the original producers, William Teitler and Ted Field.

It was based on the 1981 novel of Chris Van Allsburg. The movie, starring Robin Williams, Bonnie Hunt, Kirsten Dunst and Bradley Pierce, was directed by Joe Johnston, who made Captain America a success as well.

Nothing has been setin stone yet, but if it is as successful as the original version, Sony will be satisfied.The 1995 version of the film earned $100million in America and $162 million in the other parts of the world.

But that income is worth about$200 million nowadays.

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