Among the millionaires, as among other ordinary beings, there is everything: people of great talent and hard work that have made their fortune providing a great contribution to mankind, as Bill Gates or Warren Buffett have.

But racists like Mr. Donald Trump, a ridiculous character who does not know what to do with their time and their millions and has fun these days as the Republican presidential candidate insulting the Hispanic community in the US (more than fifty million people, according to him) are a different breed,

But fortunately, the response of civil society in the United States against the obscenities of Donald Trump has been forceful. They have broken with several television networks like Univision and Televisa, Macy's stores, businessman Carlos Slim, many publications and a large number of movie stars, singers, writers, and even the Spanish chef Jose Andres have refused to support him after his racist statements.


Is it good or bad that the race issue, which has so far been avoided in American political campaigns, comes to light and even becomes a factor in the next presidential election?

While US polls that show it is absolutely false that Mexican immigration has been growing consistently, Trump attempts to stoke fear in the population with his angry and divisive rhetoric. The problem is that racism was never rational, and fears and suspicions of the "other" are never substantiated by evidence. That "other" can be seen as anything even mildly different - skin color, another language, worshipping other gods and practicing different customs.

Given the basic irrationality of this fear of the "other" it is very difficult to defeat Donald Trump's statements with ideas, which appeal to the mind, rather than to blind emotion and fear. 

Like the Irish, Scandinavians, Germans, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Indians, Jews and Arabs, Hispanics have contributed significantly to make America what it is today. The country was built by immigrants, who continue to help make it prosper.