We have a long way to go. "Be in your own skin!" "Just be yourself and express yourself!" For all of us, we have heard these comments and no one can truly unveil their cloak to the world anymore. No matter who you are, there are secrets, or, even appearances that need to be 'groomed' by society's standards.

In the world of the secret voices, there is one topic that is has been screaming in black women's ears for over one hundred years. Natural hair has been the subject of mockery and debate, for their hair has caused societal tension and the subject is very taboo at the moment.


Due to this, many black women are starting to regain a sense of opinion once and for all, but how many women are allowing society to tell them what hair is appropriate? Way too many.

People need to evaluate the other spectrum of the issue, because one of the problems is the black community as well. For hundreds of years, the embedded mentality of 'nappy' hair has stirred great debates about the issue. Degrading names such as that word are used upon people in the black community, this is also contributing to the problem.

When one receives negative comments from both sides of the spectrum (black and white people), the self-esteem meter begins to gradually get lower and lower. The constant criticism from both sides portray the endless timeline of the inner and outer conflict of black women. For example, let's say I wanted to work in a prestigious law firm company. In order for me to look 'appropriate,' I would need to wear my hair in a fashion that the company would view as appropriate. 

What's the big deal, where's Cleopatra Jones when you need her, she would not tolerate this.


Companies like to promote their diversity, however what about real diversity? Hair should be a part of someone's true identity, and the unjust view of hair is a conservative view that needs to change. Different races are born with different textured hair, and to denounce someone's hair because it is not 'acceptable' is judgmental for a lot of people.