"Names are for friends... so I don't need one."

Some of us have been there since the beginning. We remember the soft spoken man with iconic Silverballers and the dawning realization that he was no more than a genetically modified instrument of death. We were enthralled by Agent 47 escaping to Sicily after faking his death, and how he was lured back to his former life yet again in 'Hitman: Silent Assassin'.

Some of us have been there since 47 and his British counterpart Diana were the only two left of the Agency with only each other to trust.


And I guarantee all of us who finished Blood Money remember the beautiful cinematography of the funeral massacre, with the haunting melody of Schubert's 'Ava Maria' accompanying the gameplay.

I am positive that a few of us (the very dedicated of the bunch) sat through the 2007 movie adaptation of Hitman starring Timothy Olyphant and Olga Kurylenko, as Agent 47 and Pointless-Eye-Candy-#1 respectively. The film earned a 6.3/10 on IMDB and 3.7/10 on Rotten Tomatoes. Even though the film met the requirements for a semi-entertaining, mindless action flick, Timothy Olyphant fell short in presenting himself with the quiet danger and sex appeal Agent 47 possesses.

On top of the lackluster performances, Hitman's plot was often confusing, convoluted, and not all that interesting, to be honest.

Now in 2015, the Hitman franchise will be even more accessible to a new generation of audience, a wider demographic; not just the few of us die-hards. With a reboot slated for August 21st starring A-lister Zachary Quinto and Rupert Friend as Agent 47, the 'Hitman: Agent 47' trailer promises not only car-smashing, bullet-flying action, but a strong female lead with an intriguing backstory.


Rupert Friend also appears to fit the smooth criminal persona much better than his predecessor.

I am even more anxiously awaiting December 2015 for a digital-only release for PS4, XBOX ONE, and PC titled 'Hitman: Enter a World of Assassination'. True to older Hitman games, the expansive sandbox environment will allow for countless approaches to your missions, allowing for choices such as weapons, assassination methods, disguises, and more.

'Enter a World' is bound to truly immerse you in the Agent's world as it continuously grows with new content added until the storyline ends at some point during 2016.

A full year of evolving content, and of new contracts available - some only available for a short time, to never appear again. On top of the appeal of endless gameplay, I personally am looking forward to a younger 47 with a (hopefully) well-suited voice-actor.

With quite the makeover in the upcoming releases, the Hitman franchise is sure to see a growth in its fanbase. Some of us have been there from the beginning, yes; though I'm looking forward to a lot more people realizing what we've been raving about all along.


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