One of the common refrains that we hear often in today's culture during the past six months or so has been the idea that "black lives matter", and yes, that is definitely true. But it is also true that all lives matter, and the ill-advised rallying cry that "black lives matter" just might be bringing out an unsavory, pyschopathic element as well.

From every indication, it would appear that Darren Goforth was a dedicated husband, father and peace officer. During one of his regular shifts for the Houston-area Harris County, he was ambushed (read: murdered) while he was filling up his patrol car at a gas station.

The execution style shooting was entirely unprovoked, and Deputy Goforth passed away after being shot once in the head and several times in the back.

These recent developments occurred yesterday night, and they illustrate the fact that the "dangerous rhetoric" against law enforcement has gotten completely "out of control". The surveillance companies would appear to show the suspect being a heavy-set African American male clad in a t-shirt and shorts. Authorities investingating the crime could not logically find any reason for the suspect to be connected to the officer, and it would appear to have been a completely unprovoked attack.

"All lives matter," a visibly shaken and angry Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman told the press through gritted teeth. "We've heard over and over again that black lives matter, and they do," he continued, "but cops' lives matter too."

While the search continues and a person of interest has been voluntarily been brought in, no charges have been filed. The unidentified suspect in the brazen shooting reportedly drove away in a red Ford Ranger pickup.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office has been appealing to the public to help them in any way that they can to bring the perpetrator to justice. "We are all peace officers," Sheriff Hickman said. "We all are sworn to protect, and its heartbreaking when something like this happens to one of our own." Although every profession has a few bad apples, such as this oneand this onethere is no excuse for the events of last night.

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