Pastor Danny Banks of The Christian Church in Myrtle Beach, S.C., had an interesting perspective when it comes to contraceptives and sex education. In a sermon he gave on Sunday, July 26th, he suggested that allowing children to participate in sex education is like letting their kids play with rattlesnakes and cobras.

According to Raw Story, Pastor Banks suggested that “the lies of ‘humanism, secular humanism, [the] new age movement, [and] liberalism’ were being ‘read and spoke across America through the television, airwaves and radio.’” He continued on to say that “it’s like a viper’s egg.


You see, a viper is a very dangerous thing. I know people who wouldn’t think at all of letting their little children go play with a bunch of cobras or rattlesnakes, but they put them in environments every day and the vipers are all around them, striking of what we believe, teaching them in morality.”

Pastor Banks clearly has conservative views when it comes to sex education. He sees that sex education should not be taught to children and that abstinence is the only method that should be reinforced.

But teenagers are still teenagers. Regardless of how much religious and conservative parents want their children to remain abstinent until their wedding night, chances are they’ll probably begin being sexually active right around high school or college. Yes, there are people that practice abstinence, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. But wouldn’t any parent want their children to have proper knowledge about sex in order to make responsible decisions?

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the states with the highest teenage birthrate between the ages of 15-19 in 2013 were the following: Arkansas (43.5%), New Mexico (43.3%), Oklahoma (42.9%), Mississippi (42.6%), and Texas (41%).


The irony here is that each one of these states are all conservative states where their ideologies and religious views most likely argues against teaching sex education in school. So instead of properly informing teenagers about the sexual consequences such as pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, they choose to ignore the reality that teenagers go through hormonal changes during puberty and will want to explore the avenue of sex. They also choose to ignore that sex has many positive consequences as well, but conservatives like Pastor Danny Banks want to shield that away from his followers in the name of God.

Either way, it is clear that conservative and religious folks just don’t seem to get it when it comes to sex education. Teenagers go through hormonal changes and will be tempted into sex. There should be a sense of responsibility by both the parents and the school to prepare teenagers about the subject in order to help them make smart, and informed decisions and not face life changing repercussions from something that is natural for human beings to do. If this happens, it’s highly likely that we’d see teenage pregnancy rates go down, all because kids will begin practicing safe sex from the knowledge they gained from sex education.