Since the information about a sequel of 'Sinister'appeared on the Internet, many fans of the movie, including me, have been waiting for it impatiently. When the first poster came out, everything looked really promising. While Cargill and Derrickson have been kept as scenarists, Ciaran Foy was meant to be a new director. Such changes don’t sound so good when it comes to sequels.

The film was released in the United States on August 21st.

In contrast to 'Sinister', part two is not about a happy or at least normal family. The main characters of the movie are Courtney Collins, a mother trying to protect her two sons, Dylan and Zach, and a former sheriff’s deputy from the first part, who is now a private detective. As it appears, a mouthless demon is not the only antagonist of the film, and maybe not even the most vicious. Anyway, the detective knew Mr.

Oswalt, whom we know from part one. As a good friend, he tries to solve the mystery of his death. Obviously, he finds more similar cases than he would like to, but at this point it is usually too late. During his investigation he meets Courtney and her sons in a place they, by no means, should be.

Foy tries to scare the audiencesince the very beginning. And I have to admit, he is doing it well. First scene is frightening and surprising.

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The mystery of an incomplete family and the lone detective’s inquest also make the viewer want more. But then the tension goes down and the movie becomes predictable.

The director tries so desperately to put in some romantic and comedy threads. Of course, James Ransone is awkwardly adorable and funny, being a detective. But Mr. Foy! 'Sinister' frightened us because Ethan Hawke barely even smiled during the whole production.

And Ransone? He is really good, but I’m not sure he should be Michael-Cera-adorable, while playing in a movie about children killing their whole families because the bad demon told them to. Wrong genre.

Even the brand new 8mm tapes in 'Sinister 2' are not so impressing any more. The methods of murders are less breathtaking, and none of them compare to a lawn mower scene from 'Sinister', which gives me the creeps to this day.

Although one aspect still remained unchanged – music and sounds coming from the tapes. This was the fundamental thing that made 'Sinister' dreadful and one of a kind. Plus – although it’s a sequel, the makers reached a little further and put in some prequel features. Does it mean we can expect a real prequel soon?

Finally – in 'Sinister 2' we can get a closer look at Bughuul himself. However, while in the first movie he was really scary, looking from under the pool water and from photographs, in a second movie he turned out to be surprisingly… cool.

Bughuul looks more like a lost member of music bands 'Slipknot'or 'Cradle of Filth' than a demon straight from hell. Sure, he can be scary while lurking in the closet or popping up from someone’s back, but it becomes boring. At some point a viewer is expecting him to jump out from a cup of coffe. Suspense? Yes. Originality? Nope.

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