Competing with the big clubs such as Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea is always inevitable for Liverpool F.C.: the top teams such as these four are always considered much bigger clubs. However, many people overlook Liverpool or underestimate the club's value.I take a look at the top three things overlooked in this historic club an whythey should have a much wider an bigger reputation than any other in the league. Ans more importantly, why Liverpool should be considered huge title contenders this season.

Barclays Premier League – most times a club has won the league title:

1. Manchester United

2. Chelsea

3. Arsenal

4. Manchester City

Although it would seem one of the top four would be estimated to win the title again this year, I think otherwise. If you look back to the 1994-95 season, Blackburn Rovers did clinch the title. And it seems the title has been tossed around between these four clubs the past few years, so you would think it is unlikely to change. The thing to remember is that none of them are consistent – it has always gone to a different club more or less each year.

Not forgetting Liverpool did finish second a few years ago and have been up there in previous seasons gone by just missing out on the title.

I believe it is time for a change again, not to mention Manchester City did it as they were newcomers and changed history. I believe history itself will be changed again this year. Being underdogs gives us the advantage, less pressure will be on the club and I have a feeling we will clinch it this year.

New signings

Having a look at the new signings this year, it also gives us a massive advantage over the top teams as most of their new signings do not have Premier League experience .

Danny Ings - 11 goals last season for Burnley Leagues 18th top scorer

Christian Benteke - 13 goals last season 9th top scorer

If you look at these two signings specifically added to the squad we have already you would think it boosts are chances significantly due to experience and goals.

Finally, I conclude my argument with the significant amount of youth I am seeing at Liverpool F.C., young players have more energy and fitness and usually possess atributes such as speed and stamina needed to survive the season (38 games throughout).

Players such as Jordan Ibe, John Flannagen, João Carlos Teixeira, Jordan Rossiter, Joe Gomez are players to watch out for this season that give us huge pace and often forgotten by rivals.

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Ihope this has made you look at Liverpool at a bigger light and more of a threat this season.

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