In Donald Trump's hit NBC television show "The Apprentice" he took a group of people and put them through a grueling interview process in which ultimately one winner was produced.  In many ways it could be compared to running for President of the United States.  Trumps Presidential campaign puts him in a whole new role, he is no longer the one who decides the winner.  He is one of the people interviewing for the job.

     Those who were viewers of "The Apprentice" would probably find it hard to believe that Trump would put himself in such a vulnerable position, one in which he has to ask for people's votes.


 This is not part of the Trump brand. Trump is larger than life. Trump doesn't care about everyday people.  Trump is great.  Trump is better than great. Trump is best.  So why does he want to put himself in a situation where he would have to relate to "the people"?  Relating to everyday people is something that Trump has seemed to avoid at every turn of his luxurious life.

      It has become common in recent Presidential elections that the winner is the candidate that Americans feel they would want "to have a beer with".

 In Trump's case this is laughable.  It is hard enough to picture Trump drinking a beer, but to picture him having that beer with an "ordinary" American is impossible.  So why has his campaign been so successful?

     Trump is running for President in a way we have never seen before.  He isn't asking for votes, he is almost expecting Americans to thank him for the opportunity to have him as their President. Political pundits all shook their heads at the chances of this type of campaign.  Many still do.


 The more they doubt it however, the larger his lead grows. 

     Trump's slogan, "Make America Great Again", isn't extraordinary, in fact it is fairly generic.  What is extraordinary however, is how he goes about explaining his plans for reaching this goal.  He gives very few details.  He simply says that in order for the country to be great it first must be rich.  Step one.  Then the country can be great.  Step Two.  And we're done!  People who press him on more details are just told that Trump knows how to get things done.

 The American people just have to trust him and they will learn more later.

    What Trump has realized is that Americans are sick of hearing candidate's "10 step plan for taxes" or their "20 point plan for jobs".  These plans in the mind of the average voter are just the "tricks" used by politicians to get elected into office, and when elected these politicians will just go at "business as usual".  Trump is offering something different.  He is asking the voters to look at what he has accomplished as a businessman, and then trust that because of that he can accomplish equal great things as President.


 It's really pretty simple.

    Donald Trump is offering the voters something completely different.  It seems absurd to many, but is it more absurd then the results the American people have been getting recently from their elected officials?  Trump doesn't think so.  He thinks that he can show Americans his personal resume and convince them that he can do the same thing for the country.

    Oh and if that doesn't work he will just remind them how rich and great he is.