What makes a good Horror movie? That which reveals the inner most fears of the masses? Is it some shadowy figure hiding in the dark with a hockey mask/machete? Something paranormal or other-worldly that's the stuff of nightmares? When the reality of these under-budgeted, poorly scripted, and badly acted films is worse than the nightmares they're meant to inspire, it's safe to say that the Horror genre has descended into something truly horrific (and, at the rate at which things have descended, it doesn't look like anyone is getting out alive).

The Sequels. (Oh God, The Sequels.)

Now, before you get your 'Evil Dead' underwear in a twist, heed my words: not every horror sequel is awful. Having said that, the vast majority are. Even the Titans of the genre have fallen on hard times. All Slashers have slipped on the proverbial "bloody banana peel" and have fallen into the abyss that is the sequel.

To any fan of the genre, the first film is what catches both your heart and your eye. This is where the rules are set, where the gore is pooled, and where our childhood screams and tears reside. You begin to have a sentimental love for the characters (heroes and villains alike). Then, they begin the franchise for the disenfranchised -- leaving many an original idea to fall prey to its own design -- ending in a gory, black comedy-esque manner that (while still enjoyable) never quite measures up to the original.

As we've moved into the 21st century, it seems that every franchise has played themselves out, relegated to making reboot after reboot without a modicum of original thought. Although, as renowned philosopher Bo Burnham states: " We'll stop beating this dead horse when it stops spitting out money."

CGI Equals Horror (Or Does It?) 

When a film switches from man-made to CGI, there's a certain "death of expression" that comes with it. A Horror film just isn't a Horror film without a horde of unsuspecting characters getting murdered in the most gruesomely creative ways -- a quality that often gets lost in translation when the human touch is delegated to that of a computer. The disingenuous use of CGI takes away from what all the original Slashers had, and it's something that even the most advanced operating systems cannot replicate. 

Sex (And Violence)

There's no getting around it, everyone in the modern age has become desensitized by the internet. The only thing up for debate is the amount, which varies from individual to individual. Nothing's shocking anymore, which is how we end up with films like 'The Human Centipede,' and why we can't seem to make a modern Horror film to save our lives! The best we can hope for is the Japanese Horror genre, it's the one medium that hasn't been tainted by the current model of filmmaking (and one that hasn't lost its freedom of expression). They aren't afraid to let their freak flags fly, and that's something that any die-hard fan of the Horror genre can get behind.