In spite of recent court documents stating that Cosby admitted to giving young women Quaaludes, his intent to have sex with them, Whoopi Goldberg is still supporting him. According to Goldberg, who expressed her opinion on the television show The View, Cosby is “innocent until proven guilty.” Many women have shown disgust towards Goldberg’s unwavering faith in Cosby.

No matter how you look at it, any man who gives women drugs for the purpose of sex is dangerous. There is nothing noble, ethical, or healthy about Cosby’s actions. Unfortunately, Goldberg’s continuing support for Cosby hurts women. What Goldberg is indirectly saying is that she does not believe any of these women, Cosby’s number of accusers now in the 40’s. The more damaging message is: if you’re a famous man, rape all the women that you want. The rest of us will just turn our heads because you once played the respectable character of Heathcliff Huxtable on television.

Just leaving the sexual assault out of it for a moment, has Goldberg forgotten that Cosby is a married man with children? His continuous cheating and predatory behavior should not be accepted. It sends a negative message to men and women everywhere that it is okay to drug women for sexual purposes and it is fine to commit adultery. Instead of defending Cosby, Goldberg should consider making a phone call to Cosby’s wife Camilla with a simple suggestion of, ‘Pack your bags and leave.’

How do we know that Cosby has not assaulted, drugged, or raped his own wife? Perhaps, Camilla is afraid of him. Worse yet, maybe he has threatened her the same way that accusers say that he has threatened them after drugging and sexual assaulting them. If Camilla is being exposed to domestic violence, who is helping this woman see her self-worth? Cosby has been unfaithful multiple times. Maybe Cosby’s supporters should be more worried about Camilla than him.

As a society, we are forgiving for some people and unforgiving of others. We vilified former president Bill Clinton who had consensual sex with his intern Monica Lewinsky. Yet, Cosby is not held to the same standard by many celebrities. Yes Clinton lied, but the guy is not a rapist.

If Cosby’s DNA is found or he admits to raping women, will you believe him Goldberg? Perhaps, he would just be experiencing temporary insanity or somebody forced him to say those things. The truth is that rapists come in all sizes, ages, races, and socioeconomic status.

Those categories include Bill Cosby.