As if snorting smarties and hosting pharm parties weren't enough to destroy today's youth, parents still have to endure never ending fads and trends that will one way or another, demolish one's brain and ability to make smart choices in life. There's no doubt that every young woman and man wants to look their best this summer. Using the best products and keeping up with the latest fashion trends is no longer enough to be the stand out, and differentiate yourself from the crowd. Many have resorted to blistering their lips with bottles, orange skin and now, deliberate sun burning.

Teens and young adults nationwide are clashing with medical advice and doing what is deemed borderline idiotic and dangerous. Sunburn art is a new trend that has taken over social media. Photos of mainly young women with stripe, bull's eye and checkered skin tattoo designs are being shared on the internet and have raised major concern by dermatologists and the parents of these youth. Basically instead of slathering sunscreen all over your body for protection against sunburn and melanoma, young adults are only covering a small part on their bodies and allowing their remaining exposed skin to achieve a design known as sunburn art.

Nothing about this trend screams "hot" or "cool." In fact it's quite the opposite. First let's focus on the dangers of deliberately burning your skin on those hot summer days. The Skin Cancer Foundation is an organization that acts as a guide to educate the public on skin cancers and sub protection. The website also has a product finder tool which allows you to filter your results by entering your age, seal type and type of application (lotion, spray or cream).This information is available for anyone who is unsure of what sun protection product to purchase and to stress the importance of protecting the skin, for prevention of skin cancers like melanoma and sunburn.

With the number of quality skin care products available in your local drug stores, there is absolutely no excuse for damaging your skin just for a few likes and shares on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Not one of your followers will think it's cute when you look like a tomato with an unflattering skin tattoo that probably hurts so much you forgot why you did it in the first place.

Dermatologists are firmly advising everyone to take appropriate measures to protect their skin during hot days by following these simple steps.

Wear sunscreen or sunblock, if you require immediate protection, go for the block. Educate yourself on SPF to purchase the appropriate sunscreen for your skin. And remember that reapplying does not mean you have longer protection, in which case you would need to use higher SPF.

There are many trends to follow without hurting any part of your body. Sunburn art is not safe, not cool and not hot. Protect your skin, stay hydrated and have a great summer!
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