On July 1, 2015 at 8:00 AM, I saw depressed friends clock in to go to work at a factory. We discussed the News and how depressing and negative things are happening in our world, and how people are already feeling stressed out about their home and work life. When you watch the news, you can see the world through your television (and it's possible that this window into the world can have a negative effect on our minds and hearts).

When we watch the news, we see violence, sickness, confusion, and all sorts of things happening all the time.


It seems as if news reports are always negative more than they are positive. My co-workers often talk about the bad things that happen on the news, and they very seldom talk about anything else.

One lady walked in on the job and asked, “Did you see that church that burned down?” One question about something on the news is all it takes to get everybody talking and giving their opinion. Sometimes discussing the news can start a big disagreement, and can also lead to trouble with the boss for doing too much talking on the job.

When Obama became president, I did not give my opinion at work with my friends about what I had seen on the news. Some people were so angry that Obama had become president, and their true colors were starting to show. Today, co-workers are still watching the news and talking about our president.

While using the Internet, big headlines often pop up right in the middle of Twitter that a certain football team has won a game. I don't have to turn on my television to find out or watch a game, the headline says it all for me.


I can carry the news with me on an iPhone and it keeps me in the loop while I'm on-the-go. I no longer have to watch the news. If I miss it, I can see a repeat of it online. How is all of this affecting me? I find that I have not been discussing the news with the outside world as much as I used to, and I don't watch it as much.

Its been said that no news is good news, and, it seems we're getting far too much of it these days.