It is a surprise to me why a lot of people find breastfeeding in public “shameful”, “disgusting” or “unacceptable”. I wonder why breastfeeding in public is unappreciated as a natural occurrence shared between mother and child. I am a bit curious to know why our society finds it difficult to leave a mother and child alone while breastfeeding in public, but we accept that watching seductive music videos as a norm.

While I am an active supporter of breastfeeding, this issue does not affect me directly. I never had the courage to breastfeed my son in public probably because of my fear of being judged or shamed.

I wonder when our society will learn to accept that breastfeeding is a natural thing and does not pose any malice or sexuality when women do it in public. I wonder when our society will understand that a woman who breastfeeds in public does not insinuate that people look at her with desire. I wonder when our society will learn that breastfeeding is a mom’s most powerful tool to feed and give nourishment to her child. I wonder when our society will gain the knowledge that it is the mom’s and child’s right to breastfeed whenever or wherever they need.

I had this strong urge to make this random blurb because I regularly see posts and News about women being a target of shame and harassment the moment they “free the nipple” to feed a hungry child.

I hope that this post will find its way to moms who were victims of any form of harassment recentlywhen theybreastfeed in public. I hope that this post will uplift them courage that not all people judge them negatively when they breastfeed their children in public. I hope that the mom who recently got humiliated will keep the courage and bravery to face our judgmental society.

Advocates are getting stronger and a lot more aggressive in the campaign to normalize breastfeeding in public. Social media is proven to be a useful tool for moms to hit back at their oppressors and gain worldwide support and sympathy. A lot of big establishments, like Target, are also voicing out their support to public breastfeeding.

This post should serve as a word of warning, to individuals who would criticize a breastfeeding mom when you see her in public. Breastfeeding mothers are fighting back, and they know that it is their right to breastfeed whenever they please. Nobody is forcing you to look at the woman while she is doing it. That’s why instead of looking on, walk away. I guarantee that both you and the mother will feel at peace and content.

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