The fate of Kate Steinle -- who met her untimely death at the hands of Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez -- is disheartening. She was taking a leisurely walk with her father when she was shot in the chest by an illegal immigrant with an overwhelming criminal record. The suspect (Juan Francisco Lopez), is a known felon who has been convicted 7 times and deported 5. He later admitted that he was high on sleeping pills when he fatally shot Kate Steinle. According to authorities, the victim was likely shot randomly since the witnesses did not overhear any argument or dispute prior to the shooting.


Then, along came Donald Trump pointing fingers at the Obama administration for protecting dangerous illegal immigrants. Although I do think there is some truth to what Donald Trump is saying, the city council and the mayor of San Francisco are not the only ones at fault. Yes, if the city council had handed over Juan Francisco to Federal Immigration officials to be deported immediately, the murder of would've been prevented. But, how long before another random shoot-out happens in the streets?

It was not long ago when Dylann Roof went on a shooting spree in South Carolina, leaving 9 victims dead in the wake of the tragedy.

What is the similarity between Juan Francisco Lopez and Dylann Roof? Both portray serious criminal patterns, yet they were able to get their hands on a gun. In fact, both of them have been charged with drug possession. The only difference is that Juan Francisco is an illegal immigrant and Dylann Roof is a United States citizen. Despite the authorities revealing that the gun Juan Francisco used to shoot Kate Steinle was a stolen gun belonging to a federal agent, the fact that acquiring a gun in the United States (both legally and illegally) is as easy as acquiring a kitchen knife is very disturbing.


A research study done by the Institute for Economics and Peace based in Sydney states that 2 out of every 3 homicides in the U.S is caused by gunshot wounds. In comparison, 1 in every 13 homicides in the UK is facilitated by a gun. That's a shocking statistic, especially when you consider that violent crimes in the UK almost double the number in the United States. As long as the public is accustomed to guns, felons will always find loop holes to acquire them. Instead of Donald Trump looking at one side of the picture and only blaming the illegal Mexican immigrants, he should campaign for a strict gun control policy to reduce the high homicide rate in the United States.