Dear Mr Cameron,

I belong to the group of people residing within the borders of the British territory, but I come from one of those countries belonging to the "monster" named Europe that you threaten to leave: that indecipherable stream of Italians you wish to kick the collective ass of one day. You have never said that frankly.

I am currently working, I got a full time contract and I am paying my taxes. I am paying rent, and have paid it in different houses. Only the last one, even though it is small, at least it is comfortable.


It means that there are no mice, no moisture on the walls and I have hot water. Believe me, it is not obvious. 

I have no children and do not require benefits to feed my family located in another country of the European Union. If I wished to be a parasite on the shoulders of a foreign government I would've remained at home with my family.

Let me have the chance to thank you, because, despite the fact that I have never felt at home completely, these walls have become my home anyway. You offered me the chance to get the opportunity to build my career. 

When you promise to cut the umbilical cord from Mum-Europe, no doubt you are going to mitigate the migration flow.

If on one hand I agree, on the other hand I do not. Although all those like me will not be subjected to all the consequences due to an eventual detachment, I fear it might be possible that an internal isolation could lead to abandoning this country altogether.

However, is it not true that immigrants bring tax benefit by  contributing to the state budget of the United Kingdom for 25 billion pounds and somewhere around fifteen of this sum of money is derived from European migrants? Is it not true, according to research by the University of Milan (in collaboration with the University College of London), that the flow of migrants would move for employment reasons and compared with the natives boasts higher labor participation rates? Is it true, according to the same study, between 2000 and 2011, European migrants would have contributed to the state budget by paying taxes amounting to 20 billion pounds?

Your country always gives us a lecture on democracy.


By the way, I heard when we return to our country of origin, we will receive back all the fees paid during our short or long stay in UK. Regarding this topic, let me ask you something: if, prattling, we freely decided to leave the country, do you have those 20 billion pounds to give back?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Antonia Di Lorenzo