Amongthe surd approximation of women accusing Bill Cosby of drugging and rapingthem, could motherhood be preventing some from coming forward?

SinceHannibal Buress sounded the cavalry call late last year, over forty women havecome forward in an attempt to make known the imputable passions of Bill Cosby.The women’s claims mirror in method and occurrence; a promise of mentorship orguidance, dinner to discuss said mentorship, a hotel room, a profferedcocktail, a length of time in which events are suddenly blurred or forgotten,and finally coming to, Cosby in a bathrobe, and a taxi waiting outside.

Most of theencounters took place decades ago, and were never mentioned or reported, out offear of ridicule and the ignominy of slander. The weight lifted from theshoulders of these women, who felt like their collective silence wasappropriate in dealing with their victimization, versus the formidable task ofchallenging a very powerful and respected foe cannot be described.

Other thanthe memory of the atrocious violations, there may be few physical reminders, and eventually you learn tocope. The same can’t be said about the less fortunate women, whose release fromsilence remains hindered even more, by Cosby’s progeny, whom they had to carrythrough gestation, then nurture and raise from birth, with little or no support.

We firstheard about the ‘plot to extort’ money from Bill Cosby shortly after we grievedwith his family at the loss of his only son back in 1997. Ennis Cosby wasgunned downed by a troubled Ukrainian immigrant, as he wrestled with a flattire on the side of a lonely California highway. Our outrage at the senselessloss was magnified only by the outrage at the failed rook, orchestrated by ayoung woman.

AutumnJackson was seen by many as the knavish trollop who hid up the shirtsleeve ofher equally knavish maenad mother, Shawn Upshaw. The truth is we do not knowthe details of Upshaw’s affair, especially since it has been brought to lightof late, that Cosby may suffer from some fetishistic woe that causes him tofancy his paramours asleep for coitus.

We do know from Jackson's claims that shebelieved he was her father. A claim that could have easily been disputed, hadCosby initially agreed to a paternity test at the beginning of the trial oreven during its many twist and turns, instead of at the end.

After Jackson was found guilty of extortion,the results of Cosby’s paternity test would have been inadmissible. But thatwas the moment he was finally willing to ensure ‘Autumn got closure’. By thattime she was unwilling to take part in the test herself. In essence, the juryis still out on whether or not Jackson is really Cosby’s kid, and whether there areany more young men and women who were raised to believe that he was theirfather.

Cosby’s rolein Shaw and Jackson’s life was a prominent one from the very beginning.

Cosbypaid in upwards of one hundred thousand dollars to Shaw in order to lessen theburden of single parenthood, including tuition for Autumn’s schooling, and onemight deduce, for her silence as well. Camille after all, has been carryingBill’s Last name since 1965. Are there any more like her, kids that wereconceived in very much the same way that sees him losing the amicable moniker‘America’s dad’ and one that has the LAPD looking for ways to open and chargehim in several investigations?

The truth is, we may never know, unless thesevictims summon the courage to come forward and give their testimony, so thatjustice may be found and the kids finally learn all about daddy. If he is infact the once great Bill Cosby?

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