Next year will bring a new president to the White House. We have already seen a bevy of individuals officially throw their hat in the ring and the coming months will bring with them a growing list of candidates taking their hopes onto the campaign trail. This is no new phenomenon. Throughout our country's history, candidates have fought each other tooth and nail to earn election to the nation's highest office (Jefferson vs. Adams set the bar for political posturing). Each hopeful enters the fray confident that they are up to the challenge if elected.

I would argue, however, that a healthy trepidation would be a better way to approach the Presidency.

Seventy years ago FDR passed away while in office during a crucial time in American history. Harry Truman, a man who had only a few months before grudgingly accepted the nomination for VP, now found himself with the literal weight of the world on his shoulders. A Missouri senator with a humble past was suddenly the commander in chief at the close of World War II and facing a dangerous future with Russia.

Admittedly "in up to my neck" with a "terrible responsibility," Truman was first tasked with convincing himself he could do the job. He didn't enter the White House believing he was a savior or that he had all the answers. Hard work and a knack for sticking by a tough decision saw him through. Despite much criticism during these years and immediately afterward, history shows Truman succeeded in fulfilling his duties in the face of unprecedented challenges.

As the 2016 hopefuls enter the arena, I hope they will consider what the spoils of victory will bring. In addition to the many difficulties currently facing our nation and the world as a whole, there are also those challenges that arise which are out of our control. The pitfalls are aplenty and many times result from circumstances in no way related to the President. Swift decisions must be made and nobody can be fully prepared for the job.

My hope is that these potential candidates take a page out of Truman's notebook. He understood the magnitude of the Presidency and this perspective allowed him to succeed. Let's hope the person who emerges in 2016 is suddenly feeling up to his neck in it.

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