Facebook is like one big face. It is the face of many people. Like other websites, Facebook is successful because of people, and people are successful on this social network. You can see the world on Facebook, and so many people can see you. Like people use to hang out at the mall, people sit at home and hang out there. They get to meet and know people from anywhere in the world.

We no longer need a stamp to write our favorite movie star or best friend. All we need is to type a few words on the computer and click on the submit button.


We no longer need to worry about all the people that we grew up with that have left our neighborhood. Facebook sends a message to the brain that the neighborhood is online. On one website, we can watch the world. Everybody knows everybody. People can know where you are most of the time, whom you're talking to, whom you're following, and they also watch your frame of mind. It is very scary because nothing is really kept secret or private anymore.

There is one good example that this network is showing.

Facebook shows us how great the world can be if we all would band together. Businesses could help businesses. People can form groups and share their interest. Facebook has shown us how we can be one big empire without envy and holding back from one another. Facebook teaches what communication, sharing, and success is all about.

However, when we turn on the television, we can see people in poverty, at war, and in so much grief. There are people so busy suffering that they don't have time for Facebook.


Maybe you know some people that know nothing about it, but those of us that do know are free to help make a difference in this world. Facebook has helped us to make that possible. It only takes a minuet to shoot a message across to someone important. There is good and bad in everything. Facebook can be used to do a good thing. Reach out and touch someone today. You can find that friend you haven't seen in so many years along the way. We can see the world through Facebook.