You have heard of the great legendary singer, Sam Cooke. He was in the time of the Civil Rights Movement. Sam Cooke's famous song "A Change Is Going To Come" was written in 1963. It was released after his death, and whenever I hear it, I think of the Civil Rights Movement. I do not look back often to remember the past in the 60's when African-Americans were fighting for integration and equality. We have been living in a time where I do not have to worry about it, but it seems that history is starting to repeat itself.

There are many of us that want to move forward.

A change is coming alright, and Sam Cooke's granddaughters are singing his song again. The group is called Ejyptian Queen. They are 3 beautiful girls. As I listen to them sing the song beautifully in harmony, I see some changes. Although I see us moving backwards in America, I see some improvement of people coming together at the same time. Asians, Blacks, Whites, and Mexicans have been coming together in America. We work on jobs together, we send children to school together, and there are mixed race families.

Some of us our in mourning because of the death of a best friend or child dealing with racial issues. However, it is not the racial issue alone when it comes to death, crime, and protesting. Those that care all feel for one another, discuss it, and hurt. There are people that are tired of hate.

As I listen to Ejyptian Queen sing their grandfather's song about change coming, I see in this day and time that we must come together as a country.

It's not about black and white striving against each other anymore, but it's more than that. There are many people not realizing that. They are stuck in the past in the present. Other things are happening around them. Hate is a disease that makes it hard for everyone. Hate involves race, religion, and sexual orientation. Hate is the enemy that we should be fighting and not people. We must make change and the change must come.

It's nice to know that Eyjptian Queen still continues to sing their grandfather's song, and that they keep his legend alive.

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