According to the News, Donald Trump is running for president. When I heard the news, I thought, "Oh grief!" To be honest, I do not know much about him, but I think he's selfish and mean. I know that Trump is rich and goes after what he wants. It doesn't matter to him how somebody else feels when he wants something. I do not think that Donald Trump can relate to people in need as president of the United States.

If I am not mistaken, it was in the year of 1997 that a woman was battling Donald Trump over her house because he wanted to use her property for his casino.


I remember feeling sorry for that woman because I know that she did not want to leave her home. Can you imagine leaving your home against your will and fighting in court to keep it? It's a terrible feeling. Is Trump the kind of man that you would want for president. Look at his face. Is it the kind of face that you can trust? What do you see?

Donald Trump can talk a good talk and bring out some strong points. He feels that the American dream is dead, and he feels that he can make our country strong again.

Trump said that he can make this country bigger and stronger than before. He also sounds competitive when he talks about China and Japan. Trump said that the US has become a dumping ground for everybody else's problems. He talks about drugs, crime, and rape.

Everyone running for president makes a lot of promises. However, we all know that they do not always keep their promises or do what they say. Trump has to convince us and that's for sure. He wants to impress us with his speeches so that we vote for him.


There are things that Trump has said that sound true, but speaking is one thing and doing is another.

What has Trump done already for this country as a rich man? He doesn't have to be president to help America. Whenever I see his face, I see his casino and Plaza Hotel. In my opinion, it has been all about Donald Trump. What has he done for the poor as a rich man? If he has done anything, I haven't heard about it or it is being kept secret. Donald Trump could make a big mess as president. He could hurt other countries as well as the United States with greed, gain, and selfishness.