Comics have been around for a long time. You may remember the Sunday comics in full color which is called the Sunday funnies or the funny papers. According to Wikipedia, the Yellow Kid is usually credited as the first US newspaper comic strip. According to history, it is said that the Yellow Kid first appeared in two gag panels. One was in color and one in black and white, in the same issue of the Sunday New York World on May 5, 1895. The Yellow kid was created by R.F. Outcault.

In the 1980's I remember reading the Sunday funnies.


There were comics like Charlie Brown, Blondie, and Dennis the Menace just to name a few. I remember the syndicate called King Features. They published the most loved comics in the world.

When the internet came along, I began to see Christian comics. I first saw them in 2005. There was a comic called Church Mice by Karl Zorowski, Bulletoon by Trudy O. McConnell, Kartoon Nuggets by Troy Knechtel, and more. Some of these artists were nice enough to let you embed and share their work on other sites giving them credit.

Some of them have been very kind to me by linking to my work. Their comics are not popular in Sunday funnies the way Charlie Brown was. It would be nice if they could be, but technology has changed things. Now newspapers and magazines are going digital. The times are different now for cartoon artists.

Christian comics are expected to have humor. When I first started drawing religious comics in 2005, I was told that my comics could make it alone. My comics did not have humor, but was educational.


I needed a site of my own. My cartoons were rejected. Sometimes the way of the world may not be the way for you. Everybody seems to try to please the world in what they do, and I was taught another way. I was never taught that God laughed or had humor. When I was growing up, you had to be very careful with what was holy, and it had to be taken seriously. I think I was taught the right way, and it affected the way I drew my comics along with the bible. I had to learn the world around me at the same time.

A Christian comic tells a story like any other kind of comic. It can teach the word in a humorous way for people to understand the word. So, humor can be good too if it is good humor.