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'90 Day Fiance' fans think Nicole left daughter behind when she went to Morocco

When Nicole moved to be with her man, everyone thinks she didn't take her daughter.
The fans of "90 Day Fiance" are convinced that Nicole actually left her daughter behind when she made the big move to Morocco to live with her fiance Azan. On the show, Nicole took her daughter May...
21 March 2018 -
M. Robinson

Barack Obama is unwinding in New Zealand with golf and old friends

Former US president Barack Obama is right now in New Zealand enjoying golf and meeting up with old friends.
Barack Obama is now in New Zealand. He has left aside the worries of being president of the United States for two terms and is now in a relaxed mood trying to sharpen his reflexes with the golf club....
22 March 2018 -
P. Ghose

NASA competing with China for international partners in the return to the moon

The prize will be not only control of lunar resources but leadership of the world community.
According to the aerospace newspaper Space News, Bill Gerstenmaier, NASA associate administrator for human exploration and operations, gave a talk at a Space Transportation luncheon. He suggested that...
6 March 2018 -
M. Whittington
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  • North Korea agrees to have talks with the United States

    The 2018 Winter Olympics has broken the ice as Kim Jong-Un expressed his willingness to have talks with the United States.
    Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea, has finally indicated that he is willing to have dialogue with the United States. That must have come as a big relief to President Moon Jae-in of South Korea...
    26 February 2018
    P. Ghose
  • Gun control demonstrations planned around United States

    In the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, young people have had enough.
    Gun control debate is back in the public mind after the horrific tragedy that unfolded in Parkland, Florida last week, when a gunman walked into a school and slaughtered 17 souls. The issue polarizes...
    20 February 2018
    H. Walter-Warner
  • Fatal car crashes increase on 4/20 holiday

    There is a documented spike in fatal car crashes that take place across the United States on April 20.
    There is a documented spike in fatal car crashes that take place across the United States on April 20, a day commonly known among marijuana users as a ‘weed holiday.’ A new study published by...
    20 February 2018
    L. Mawson
  • Give Your Name a Price Tag: Search for and buy people's Information on Spokeo

    Keep your personal information secure on the internet; for as little as $7.95/mo you can search for anyone in the United States and find everything.
    How many websites do you have a subscription with? What kind of information do they ask for? With one simple search of your first and last name on Spokeo, you can find out how many of "you" there are...
    8 March 2018
    S. Howard
  • Divorce prevention starts before you offer her the ring

    How to make the ‘until death do you part’ a reality as well as a promise.
    Maybe you have already been burned by having a first marriage collapse in a divorce. Maybe you are thinking of embarking on the adventure of matrimony for the first time. You should know that in the...
    28 February 2018
    M. Whittington
  • Donald Trump's reactions to the Florida school shootings

    What are the President's future plans for addressing the gun crisis in America?
    In the past week, we have seen a massive surge in people standing in solidarity with the victims of the Florida school shooting, which happened on February 14 and voicing their opinions towards the...
    24 February 2018
    J. Michael
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